Monday, May 5, 2008


This is the blog site I'll be bringing in. Greg Beeman is a writer and director for the TV show HEROES. He has a blog which he updates after each episode is aired. It's full of interesting, behind-the-scenes stuff about the show, which I love!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Quarters, Unlike Pennies, Will Be Around For A While

I actually don't collect anything.  Well, maybe DVD's, but that's not something very interesting. But just recently, I've been collecting the new state quarters.  They started being issued in 1999 and the last of them are due out this year.  This is a temporary collection because once I've gotten all them, I'm going to give them to my mom, who actually loves collecting things.  So far I have all but 6 states.  It's wierd, once you get into collecting these quarters, and you get change from buying something you immediately start looking at the quarters to see what state they are.

More Than Meets The Collection!

Being a huge Transformers fan, I can't not talk about collecting Transformers memorabilia. I've been a fan since day 1, which would be 1984. There's just something so fascinating with the idea of cars, trucks and planes turning into alien robots. The mythology that's been created for them has grown to be very complex and detailed. It's a mythos that's lasted well over 20 years. And it looks like there's plenty of life left to it.

Here's a youtube video of "the ultimate fan" and his collection of Transformers toys.

May The Collection Be With You

When thinking about collectors' or collecting memorabilia, Star Wars often come to mind. I've seen History Channel specials on Star Wars collectors' and all they've done to amass huge collections of everything Star Wars. One collector even added an additional room (or was it floor?) to his house! That's dedication to your passion!

Here's a link to an interview with Mike Kurtz, the founder the Metro Area Star Wars Collection Club. Interesting stuff.

Monday, April 28, 2008

American University Museum

American University has an incredible Art Museum at their Katzen Art Center (Dept. of Art). I've visited it before and I was extremely impressed. The museum exhibits both student work and work by visiting artists from all corners of the world. They also conduct Gallery Talks with exhibiting artists as well. I haven't been to one of those, but I want to (maybe this summer).

If you guys ever get a chance, you should definitely visit the museum. It contains some breathtaking work.


Movies for Summer 2008

Want to know what's coming out this summer?

Something That Caught My Eye

My brother-in-law is a digital artist and I've just recently seen his works. He has a blog that he uses to display his pieces, which are, of course, awesome! He has actually started selling his work now and I think he's exhibiting soon as well. My favorite is "Night Bloom". You can check out some of his pieces at his blog site: